Sunday, October 13, 2013

The method does not help them get drunk while riding

The nanny must be carsick , even critically ill because of the drunk driver traveling will make you very tired and unhappy .Before preparing a trip , consider transportation for a trip the whole family healthy , happy .If possible , choose to ride the daily sleep time of children , such as noon , evening . When sleeping , kids barely have the effect of shaking the car or car smell .coughing children get enough sleep , eat less than the daily ration and 2 hours before boarding . Food and drinks are not too much sugar or more stations.Bring items for children to enjoy a trip to see the kids happy , enjoy playing with the toy itself .Select a child seat on the front or near the front end because the load is always feeling vomiting , discomfort when the car shake , shake . Select a place to sit near the door to the car open air .Stay away from cigarette odor , fragrance or odor substances in the vehicle .Encourage your child to look out or look towards the horizon . The scene outside will help them quickly forget the feeling carsick .Sometimes windshield to reduce air flow to help cool kids more comfortable .Using a number of folk remedies : smell lemon , ginger , bread ... help reduce odors while operating vehicles .If forced to use medication, drugs drunk options for children . These drugs often cause sickness feeling sleepy . To children sleep easier , you should prepare the pillow and blanket.

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