Sunday, October 13, 2013

How to cure nail fungus of baby?

If your baby's nails is 1 of the 9 following signs may be her body some nutrients are missing something or was not physically healthy .Because of the shape , texture , color and thickness of the nail can be a sign she hints identify many different diseases . Just a little care and attention to your nails as she can get to know some of the diseases are " visit " their baby home . The mother should pay attention okay !Nails appear white spots or soSignals tell you : Typically , this phenomenon is usually caused by an injury on her nails . The white spots will disappear as soon as the affected part ( due to injury ) of the nail to grow back .In addition, this condition can sometimes be caused by zinc deficiency or she is faced with cirrhosis . I do not need to worry because the long nails , white spots or so that will be removed .Prevention and treatment : The parents need to be aware of her playing environment , it is best not to put naughty baby with cabinet doors , doors or drawers ...

Nail marks appear yellow, blue , gray or black color on the cover exotic pink natural capitalSignals tell you : If it is yellow , it is a sign she has absorbed too much food can also contain carotene or genetic causes . Also , blue , gray or black may be due to infection or baby fungal infection .Prevention and treatment : Hand sweating makes her vulnerable to fungal infections . Therefore, parents should keep their skin clean and dry. Do not let your baby play in the water for a long time after washing your hands , then wipe dry with a clean towel . Upon detection of fungal infection , parents should pay attention to the isolation and avoid cross-contamination .Half nails red or pink unusualSignals tell you : If she suddenly nail appears red or pink color nail abnormalities than mother nature needs attention . While red is a sign of heart disease is mainly pink cause anemia .Prevention and treatment : Increase iron-rich diet for her or take iron supplements if her poor diet . Encourage your child to eat iron-rich foods such as animal liver , beef , spinach , raisins and other foods .
Nail ridges appear , rough surfaceSignals tell you : This sign is mainly due to her lack of vitamin B.Prevention and treatment : In this case , I just need to focus on diet rich in B vitamins for your baby. She can prioritize food like egg yolks , animal liver , green beans and dark green vegetables ... in the baby's diet .Nail thin but crispy , but thick rough , pitted surface foundationSignals tell you : When she nails this phenomenon occurs , parents need not worry because this phenomenon can be warning signs baby psoriasis , eczema , injury and sometimes it can also be hereditary transmission .Prevention and treatment : Ideally , the mother should give her to the hospital for regular checks and treatments .Concave nails nail aka love spoonSignals tell you : nails shaped like a spoon . Baby's nails can be leveled in the middle , while the next two are filling up the basement , so it will create a concave base .If her nails are symptoms it can cause can be due to the baby being iron deficient . The other health conditions such as kidney disease , thyroid dysfunction and musculoskeletal disease may be suspected culprit causing this condition in the baby 's fingernails . Besides , if her nails injury and use too much soap can also lead to the occurrence of concave nails .Prevention and treatment : She should take her to the hospital for examination and diagnosis under the guidance of a doctor for treatment.
Nails brittle , easily torn or peeling in layersSignals tell you : When her nails with this phenomenon , it may be a sign that your baby is suffering from skin diseases or lack of protein ( because 97 % of the base components are proteins ) .Prevention and treatment : Enhanced feeding fish , shrimp and other foods rich in protein . In addition, walnuts , peanuts also make your nails stronger . Besides the addition of trace elements such as potassium , iron is also important .Mong has horizontal linesSignals tell you : When the dark colored lines on the nail horizontally , it is the result of a sudden interruption in the process of cell division in the baby's fingernails . These signs are usually caused by an infection of the nails, skin diseases and diabetes risk is implicit .Also, it must be mentioned that many other causes of her nails appear dark streaks who are due to malnutrition , low blood calcium levels , blockages in blood vessels , due to side effects of some kind medications or nail injury . If immediately after the birth of her fingernails had this phenomenon can cause so malnourished fetus in the womb .Prevention and treatment : should take her to the hospital for examination and was diagnosed as early as possible , to be treated promptly .Cement checkered nails scratchedSignals tell you : her nails scratched cement perch is very clear manifestation of the lack of vitamin C and folic acid . In addition, this phenomenon also occurs in people with dermatitis , fungal skin , eczema , skin damage around nails, nail root damage , causing the appearance of horizontal ridges . If in the form of inflammation , in addition to the above understanding , the baby still itchy .Prevention and treatment : Do not scratch shoot directly drag the robot hand that carefully use scissors or nail cutters to press . With her ​​lack of vitamin C and folic acid , she can add to her rich dishes 2 of this nature . The vitamin C -rich foods are mostly vegetables such as oranges , tangerines , grapefruit , guava , cabbage , spinach , cauliflower , celery ... The food is rich in folic acid are dark green vegetables , liver animals , seeds germinate ( sprout , sprouts ... ) . In case of poor infant feeding mother can be added by adding 2 baby drink this trace element .Fingernails , toenails though small but it is one of the most solid parts of the body ( along with the teeth , bones ) to help protect your baby finger , protecting networks and neural vascular dense the cost , enhance the ability to touch the baby . Fingernails , toenails pink shows your baby's health is good . So , I just take a little more attention to the nails of the baby okay !In addition, parents should also take her to visit the dermatologist basis for accurate diagnosis and treatment causes the baby . You should cut and baby nail files compact to avoid long nails can scratch or scratch her ​​skin when he put his hand on his face.  

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