Sunday, October 13, 2013

Body fat for kids

Fat is a nutrient essential macronutrients for children . But around this nutrient , we still have some confusion .Eating more does not matterConfused : children 's growing audience . Nutritional needs of the children are very large in order to provide background material for the body architecture . Therefore, any general physical demands and needs have increased fat in particular . So , if the high-fat diet actually does not matter .The reality : the misunderstood completely wrong on all. Anything in the diet has certain limitations . Exceeding this limit will step into the threshold of excess and abuse . Fat too.Although children are growing and are subject to a lot of nutrition . Fat is one of the two involved in the structure of the body . But that does not mean unlimited use fat .The role of fat kids is constructed with the cell membrane , the organelle membrane , building up the steroid hormones such as sex hormones direction , participation constitutes the majority of the structure of the nervous system . It is also creating a greasy substance , chubby and adorable young age . So fat is very important .But even then , the amount of which is limited . In general , the amount of fat children generally should not exceed 30% of diets . For children under 6 months of age , the fat should be 40 % . For children from 6 months to 5 years old , the fat content is only 30 % . Beginning in the school age , only 25% . From the next age to adult ( 12-18 years old ) , fat should only stop at 20 % .If any deliberately feeding high-fat , of course, the immediate consequence is obesity . But the profound implications of a future baby will have to bear a risk of very high metabolic disorders : idiopathic hypertension , type 2 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases . Therefore, feeding full fat , not eating leftovers and no shortage .Eat only pure vegetable fatConfused : people still said no animal fat with vegetable fat profit . Since fat contains more animal disease risks . So giving up animal fat is not ? This is good or not good ?The reality : it is true that animal fats hidden potential risk to our health . That's because animal fats contain a lot of saturated fatty acids . In approximately 100 lard 40g saturated fatty acid , the remaining 55g of unsaturated fatty acids . Besides , the animal fat cholesterol , 95mg cholesterol in approximately 100g . It is easy to attach to the components of the circuit and atherosclerosis , there is no benefit . In addition , animal fats usually have superior flavor and they start processing . So easy to create cravings and eating more than allowed .
But that's not all the animal fat . Standing on metabolism , fatty acid metabolism is no simpler than unsaturated fatty acids . Fatty acid composition is no longer involved mainly in cell membrane structure . Up to 50 % fat in the cell membrane is saturated fatty acids . Long chain saturated fatty acids have the effect of enhancing calcium absorption , short circuit saturated fatty acids that are resistant to bacterial reproduction . So acidt saturated fat is not totally junk for kids .Therefore, a standard menu will include animal fat and vegetable fat . Animal fats usually come in the flesh . Thus , a child's diet should be vegetable oil , but remember to include both meat daily is truly sufficient and balanced . One week you processed food with animal fat as long as 2 full meals . Rate animal fat and vegetable oil should be 3/7 if that animal fat is vegetable oil 3 parts , the parts will be 7 .Eating whole omegaConfused : You have heard the praises of information polyunsaturated fatty acid omega lot . Omega 3 and 6 is the quality not only provide energy but also have a protective effect on health .So eating only omega possible? There are implications that?Fact: omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are both essential to the body . Necessary means that the body can not synthesize and must be taken from the road outside through food .Omega 3 , has been known for a regular unleaded is DHA , a fatty acid in the brain a lot , so this acid is considered the capital of neural fatty acids , help normalize brain function terms . One possibility is memory and cognition. It also will be used to protect health , lower cholesterol , increase levels of high-density lipoprotein , bright eyes and help support the treatment of patientsOmega 6 can work to maintain the normal function of the brain , which helps normal fetal development and help system leather , fur , hair, and nails of children are developing well . Omega 6 also works involved in the metabolism and improve symptoms of certain diseases such as attention deficit hyperactivity in children .But if the food is not good pure omega 3 . In place of this fatty acid have side effects that reduce the clotting ability of the body . If you are only feeding pure omega 6 is also not good . Because it just reduces the clotting ability of the body can cause chronic inflammation is not beneficial . That's not to mention the side effects shortage of raw materials and cellular materials for reproductive function .Levels of omega 3 , DHA type should only be under 120mg/ngay . Omega 6 content should be below 250mg/ngay .Equate vegetable fatConfused : vegetable fat was the kind of good and kind and feeding as well as any kind. There is no big difference between them ?Fact: this is very mistaken. Each seed oil have different names , so of course we will have different oil components .The vegetable oil will be different in that : saturated fatty acid , polyunsaturated fatty acid composition of important vitamins come .There are vegetable oils are rich in unsaturated fatty acids , such as sesame oil , corn oil , olive oil , about 80 % are unsaturated fatty acids ( rich in unsaturated fatty acids ) , 12-15 % are saturated fatty acids , peanut oil approximately 75% unsaturated fatty acids , 16-17 % saturated fatty acid , soybean oil is approximately 70 % unsaturated fatty acids , 15 % saturated fatty acid , coconut oil can take 85% of the saturated fatty acid ( inverse ) , and only about 8 % of saturated fatty acids .They also differ in vitamin comes . Vitamin K is very rich in soybean oil , olive oil and sesame oil , vitamin E , while there are many in corn oil and peanut oil .So , when choosing oil for children , you should choose oils that are relatively content unsaturated fatty acid , vitamin E and vitamin A , D and calcium . For example, olive oil , peanut oil , soybean oil is very good .Currently on the market there are many types exclusively for this age group in collaboration with the benefit of children . They are small and usually bottled with the words like " children " , kid , child , baby ..

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