Sunday, October 13, 2013

What is meant by 'puree consistency'?

Purees are thick smooth paste that suits your infant's early feeds. Babies in the early stages will be adjusting from sucking liquids to swallowing solid food, and pureed vegetables or fruits are the ideal in- between foods which are neither too thin like milk nor too lumpy. Pureed texture in the initial stage should preferably be runny and not coarse, and slightly thicker than milk. Smooth and paste-like it can be thin or slightly thicker in consistency (add less water or milk) depending on the stage of feeding and baby's age. Vegetables and meat that are pureed separately and then added to cereals or porridges (at a later stage to bulk up the feed) not only enhances the nutrient value of the food but also enables your baby to savour the taste of individual ingredients instead of mixed flavor of many ingredients.

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