Sunday, October 13, 2013

Signs that my baby is teething

When teething , children may exhibit some disorder in the body , for example : young tired , very wrong, or cry , little sleep , irritability teething , irritability or baked and parents . Some children or more salivary flow or chew something and are also a common finding . When cornered energy for the teeth , to protect the body should weaken vulnerable children , gastrointestinal disorders . In this period or earlier , children often have a slight fever and sometimes with loose stools .

In case of children with persistent diarrhea , you should take her to visit , should consult her doctor before using digestive enzymes . Antibio not the enzyme . These microbial products contain benign bacteria used as bacterial disorder gut ( intestinal imbalance of bacteria , this lack of beneficial bacteria ) . Therefore medication is used to treat diarrhea caused by viral or for patients taking antibiotics for a long ...
Also, if during the milk teeth , baby fever to 38.50 C or more and more pain , paracetamol can be used to reduce fever and relieve pain , doses of 10-15 mg / kg body weight every 4-6 hours for a single dose . Not for children fever too high . If your child does not need more fever pills .
Along with a slight fever , watery foam much younger , often hand to mouth tongue biting or licking the front gums . Noting that oral hygiene is good for children . Regularly wipe the saliva flowing around the child's mouth or with a soft cloth . Always clean the gums after feeding or eating . Use a gauze pad or clean cloth moistened fingers wrapped gently clean and massage gums . Children should drink water after feeding or weaning is complete .
Note children drink plenty of water . This is particularly important because a child can ease diarrhea dehydration .
Note: Teething does not make children sick , they can usually mild or hot slip away in 1-2 days , if they are high fever , vomiting or diarrhea is never due to teething at all, you should take the child away doctor immediately for examination . Take your child to the doctor if the condition is fussy , not eating lasts for several days and children at risk of weight loss .
Wishing you and your family health !

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